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When is a spot “your spot”?

Short Answer: Never

Long Answer: Unless you live on a block with 3-5 houses it’s not your spot. Even then it’s not your spot. If someone is parked there park elsewhere.

I’ve been hearing of this happening in both sections. This rule applies to everyone. People leave notes on cars not to park in “their spot”. That’s crazy. People who leave notes are like Mr. Wilson from Dennis the menace.
DON”T BICKER with your neighbors about whose spot is whose. Its crap. For instance, recently a family moved in on my block, they have two cars which threw off the daily parking scheme. People were leaving notes on their cars not to park where they were parking. No matter where they parked they received notes.

Does that make that family welcome? Don’t they have a right to park wherever? Even if it was just a single man or woman doesn’t he have the same right?

So, park wherever you want.

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2 comments to When is a spot “your spot”?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you 100 percent. I once said to a neighbor, ” I don’t see your name painted in the spot”. We are so short of parking spot’s. People who have driveways should use them and not park in the street. I see people who can fit 2 car’s in there driveway and they park both of there car’s in the street. Why? Then some blocks are lucky that there is a 3 car spot, but people feel they can park the way they want and make that 3 parking spot now into 2. That then makes a home owner who has no driveway, have to park there car on a avenue instead of there block. People need to put whatever they have against a neighbor to the side and be courteous.

  • Dan

    I agree, I like the “I dont see your name painted” comment