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Unconfirmed: Leon’s Bakery Closed!

There are unconfirmed reports that Leons Bakery has closed for good. I will be looking to confim story.

5 comments to Unconfirmed: Leon’s Bakery Closed!

  • Ilene

    Sure would like to see the owners of Leons Bakery /Pastry shop put out a cook book… many displaced brooklyn people here would purchase it.

    How would we get in touch with the operators of Leon’s?


  • Paul


    How are we doing with that Cook Book?

    Send me the recipes, and Ill type them up, heck Ill even add pictures. Might be easier for folks to buy an ebook. (With profits going to the community council.)


    • Rose


      Guess what I found!!!! http://www.vcstar.com/news/2007/Nov/7/no-headline—le1fcyard07/ Those elusive Leon’s Rainbow cookies… And at the end of a day which included 10 hours of work preceded and finished off by gym and two treadmill workouts..and me weighing in at 119 lbs… I am getting out my pilates mat for tomorrow morning(inspired by finding this cook book (and those Rainbow Cookies) coming my way. I even found it at the library! (Part of the preview of this book: Yard also preserved — by accident — two recipes from Leon’s, the bakery of her childhood. That infamous birthday cake has served as the inspiration for many a carousel-free variation. And updated versions of Leon’s petits four-style Rainbow Cookies are featured on the cookie plate Yard sends out to diners at the end of a meal.)

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