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Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn NY

Recently a bus shelter was knocked down. It was reportedly knocked down on 9/15/06.

When I went up to investigate I saw a sign tied on to the damage shelter.




The sign reads:

DISGRACE Neighborhood people try to better our neighborhood and you do this.

Wake up asshole.

All I can say is don’t get caught we will be watching.

If you are tough and strong join the marines and fight.

9 comments to Disgrace

  • Nick L.

    Some one should have a design contest for kids 5 – 12. Take the winning designs and place them on the bus shelters with poster paint, IE:- What dinners do during the holidays.
    This might stop some people from destroying the shelters, if not inspire thier friends to stop them. This kind of methd has worked with tagging, when a painted mural is put up.IE: Side of keyfood, law office on U and stuart street. Just an idea.
    It’s no secret there is a bounty on these kids heads, and I’m sure they are aware of this. The finger waving might only be fueling the big f#@k you they send by continuing to destory them every weekend. Instead of waiting in the bushes with cameras n bats, we should possibly spend time where children actually benifit in something they create, it might cause this perticualur crowd to think before they act.

  • Nick L.

    I can’t spell.

  • Yuki Endo

    That’s so horrible. In Queens or Manhattan, none of this new shelters are destroyed. I feel sorry for Brooklyn.
    I think Cemusa should install vandalism-alarm system just in case. If vandalism tried to vandalism or spray again, this alarm will dispatch nearby police station. What do you think of an idea?

  • John

    o0 I feel so sorry for Brooklyn.. listen if that bus shelter fell on ur family member how bad wuld u hav felt.. the people who “destroyed” that bus shelter were acting out because it was an unstable shelter that was harmful.. for all of u adults who r miserable i ask u to understand that there are always 2 sides to every story nd most of the time the opinion of a person who was not there is not true.. so people that lik to argue over whose got the worst children, realize that somethings are done in the protection of the people who least realize that the world spins no matter what.. so wake the fuck up nd the kids who did this appolgize for the lost city money but also feel that it was necessary for the safety of others.. the kids who did this r not reckless maybe just over protective of people that may have been hurt

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  • keg

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