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Seba Ave Park Update

Seba Ave Park Construction is underway. For those of you who dont know about the project.

Lots of money has been allocated to the construction of the park (1.4 million dont quote me) There will be a Skate Park BATHROOMS! Kid Park and Flat area for whatever

Previous Entries – With shiny pictures

More […]

How much is a sign worth?

The Paintball Store (aka the Paint Spot) on the Ave recently invested a few dollars in a sign. Approx $5 in a can of spray paint. Further degrading the Quality of Life on Gerritsen Ave.

Why is it that someone can be thrown in jail for graffiti and something like this which looks horrible […]


If you dont know about craigslist check it out. www.craigslist.org

Link to housing search in GB Link to all for Sale in GB

Have a spare $890,000? good neither do I

If you have a spare $890,000?

Well if you do you could be the happy owner of:

3 stores plus 1 extra large 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.

Thats Liberty Fitness, Big Al’s, and “Leos”

Link to Craigslist ad Link to Pdf when the post expires […]

The new “Houses” on Ave found for sale on craigslist

I know no one really knows about these houses. They are past lois ave. I really don’t like them they dont fit with the area. I found them for sale on craigslist.

Link to Craigslist Posting Link to PDF just in case the posting expires Link to Overhead image



Work On Mill Basin Bridge

The work has been ongoing since March, The bridge can sure use the work.

Constructed in 1942, it has outlived its useful service life. Age, weather, and increased traffic volume have taken a toll on the structure.

Work started in March and will continue through July 2007.

The re-decking of the bridge is still […]

More Construction at Seba Ave

More trucks, more men, more construction.


Need power for your home why not steal it?

Walking around I saw this guy come out of his RV, open the panel on the pole then take his orange extension cord and pluged in his RV.

What nerve. Secondly he has two dogs that he just let crap everywhere

The Van


Gerritsen Wines and Liquors Closed

A old story but a good storyIt officially closed around March. “Turks” Liquor store closed a new one has been put up.

Leons’ Bake Shop Update

More than likely Leon’s was closed to Board of Health violations

This place has been shut down more times than it should be: 5 times in 2005 2 times in 2006

Call them!

leon’s bake shop 2137 Knapp St Brooklyn, NY (718) 646-9012

Link to Leon’s Most Recent Inspection Link to All of the […]

Beacon Court Block Sale

There will be a Block Sale on Beacon Court on September 30th 9am – 5pm

Law Office Closed

The Law Office of James Giannakouros next to brennan’s has closed.

New Film being Filmed

There is a new film being filmed at the point. More pictures to come here is some of the info from IMDB

Then She Found Me Directed by Helen Hunt

A Philadelphia schoolteacher hits a midlife crisis when, in quick succession, her husband leaves, her adoptive mother dies and her real one, an eccentric […]

Unconfirmed: Leon’s Bakery Closed!

There are unconfirmed reports that Leons Bakery has closed for good. I will be looking to confim story.

Update: Disgrace

Shelter Express the citys contractor for bus shelters removed the damaged shelter.

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